The Gem of Heaven stems from the need to structure a clear and rigorous teaching which is often offered to the public in a fragmented way, through the various disciplines available.

I use the term “fragmented” because people tend, especially here in the West, to offer an extrapolation of the teachings and not the whole.

This does not mean that the teachings of the other schools are not correct and consistent with the spiritual traditions; I only mean that sometimes the “commercial” tendency leads to the emergence of unethical individuals, who care only about the money of their students rather than their spiritual growth.

The spiritual path is complex and not at all simple. I have traveled in search of teachers and Masters who could give me the keys to an inner path, or guide me to achieve specific goals, but I very often came across disappointing situations.

My poetical vision of a Master who amorously follows you step-by-step to enhance your evolution was drastically cut down along the way. This is the reason why, after being accepted in very particular “schools”, I decided to share the structure of the “basic” training, which is considered common in all those schools which have the aim of inner growth, following the teachings of the great Masters of the past.

I need to clarify one important point about the schools and their leaders. Often the schools of wisdom were born thanks to the personal efforts of men who have had the ability and the opportunity to unveil the truth; their love for sharing created lineages of followers who absorbed the teachings of the Masters and systematized it to make it accessible to many.

Unfortunately, it often happens that this process, “pure” at the origin, undergoes mutations which are not always positive, with the arise of discrepancies that lead to schisms and the consequent lost of the original message of harmony.

Once lost the initial Light, it becomes very difficult to untwist, because of the lack of “living examples” to emulate. Fortunately, the cosmic laws are benevolent and occasionally allow light to manifest itself through someone or something. Many amazing people live in the world without showing, but hiding as much as possible to others; nevertheless, their presence is a source of harmony. This can be witnessed by those who had the occasion to be next to these extraordinary people and share their space even for short periods.

A school is a wealth of knowledge, structured and organized in order to favor the evolution of students in the footsteps of those who have succeeded before them. This is no guarantee of success, but it certainly is a way to classify and put order in the training which needs to be done. At this time the great Masters are hidden from the public, but choose speakers in order to prevent this sacred fire,  which is the basis of true human nature, to burn out. In an age where the core values are those of an instinctive animal of the Paleolithic, full with twisted emotions and thoughts, which hope do we have to be attracted by a path that guides us to the quietness of the soul? No one cares. The problem is that the vortex of this materialistic vision is very strong and the shadow that rests on the heart is an amazing boulder.

Men can be considered asleep, unconscious of what they really are. Man identifies himself in his three base centers: the mind, emotions and instincts. This is not the real man. The world is full of examples of people who have circumvented the laws of physics that we know. If this is true, there must be a reason. We should ask ourselves how we really function, and which is the sense of our life on this planet; but at the end we are stunned by the invasive and senseless communication of medias. With this continuous and stressful show our attention is constantly outside ourselves and never inside us.

Thus the main aim of the Gem is to bring balance in the triple structure  (mind, emotion and instinct) and then try to make a leap forward.

This alignment of the triple structure leads to the creation of a different man from the first three which are defined ordinary (mental man, instinctive man and emotional man). Using the terminology of Gurdjieff this man is identified as “the man number four” and it is something extraordinary.

Those who reach this goal can start the true path, since all the work done up to this point is useful to prepare the necessary foundation to what will be.

To borrow an excerpt from “Fragments of an Unknown Teaching” by P. D. Ouspensky we read what Gurdjieff said:

In truth, only the man who possesses four fully developed bodies can be called Man in the full sense of the word. This man has  number of properties that the ordinary man does not have.

At this point it should be clear that most of the schools that cultivate this goal can be divided into three types of work: mental, emotional and physical. These works, according to the school, almost always focus on a single center, bringing it to the limit. When, through this training, a super conscious effort is reached, a gate opens. But, in order to open this gate a long time is required and when it opens, something is missing and a great job to balance and integrate the other centers is necessary. Therefore, these paths are considered correct but long.

The work that is proposed by the Gem of Heaven to align man draws from four different schools:

  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Shamanic
  • Christian.

I personally had the good fortune to live with these four-ways events to the limits of credibility.

These different disciplines are in relation with each other and are combined with each other in a unique way. This allows to stand on a highway in respect to the three canonical paths. In the Gem the work on all the three centers is combined simultaneously, instead of focusing on one of them as in the previous three-way teachings. Furthermore, the Gem of Heaven works without all the superfluous traditions that add the teaching, helping the transformation.

These teachings are completely different, in structure and modality, from those that Gurdjieff taught. In addition, they are extremely experiential. Since only through experience change can take place.

To those who feel the call and the desire to join this research team which is constantly evolving, I give my welcome.