Vincenzo Adinolfi

I’m not an enlightened Master. I am a researcher and to this I dedicate my life.

In all the spiritual and pseudo-spiritual paths you can find interesting things, but very often they are only useless pieces of a more complex puzzle.

The first condition that appears obvious to everyone is that human beings live in a “psychic cage” made of three opposing forces: sex, health and money. In Hebrew, these three forces are called Shaytan, which means “the opponent”.

Usually human beings are involved in the satisfaction of these three needs for the whole of their lives. But this is only an illusion that takes people away from their centre.

Now let’s put aside these three elements and let’s consider a little smaller “triangle” consisting of: body, emotions and mind. These are the three fundamental aspects each of us interacts with in this universe; besides them, there is something more complex which is hidden inside, but we will talk about it later.

As I said before, I am a researcher who wants to understand human nature. I do not care for Buddha, or Shiva, or Christ; these are different names that refer to a common matrix, and I am interested in getting in touch with this matrix. For this reason I created the research group of the Gem of Heaven. The group is important because if you are alone, you are limited. A sincere and close-knit group is a driving force that can really bring something important to everybody. In addition, each member of the group is important because he or she is able to bring his individuality for the benefit of everyone else. In fact, everyone has skills that can enrich the group.

However, if the people who enter the group do not have a real motivation, it can happen that once faced with a real commitment, they give up. In fact, it is difficult to understand that this work is not simple at all, and always require a regular commitment. Unfortunately what is advertised on TV and in newspapers, and especially on the web, makes everything look easy and when you find that cultivating oneself requires commitment it is no longer attractive.

What this society is doing through mass media is to instill within us a distrust to all, in order to divide people, because as I said before when you are alone, you are limited.

With this regard, in the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” there is the following meaningful scene: “The monkey protagonist is locked in a center where also other monkeys are imprisoned. Among these there is an intelligent orangutan. These two begin to communicate through sign language, and the orangutan asks the monkey why he was struggling so much to educate the other monkeys. The monkey picks up a twig and breaks it; then takes more branches and tries to break them, but fails. Unity is strength.” The meaning of this scene is self-explanatory.

The Research Group “The Gem of Heaven” has the aim to spread a training system derived from four different traditions, in order to achieve the formation of what is called by the school of Gurdjieff the man number four, that is to say the man who has achieved the balance of all the three centers:  the emotional, the physical and the mental.